Diaper Blowouts & Super Powers

Prepare yourself for some potty talk! That’s right, it’s a normal topic in our household and if you’re a parent, then you totally get it.  Embrace it.  Accept this stage in your life for all its worth because from what I hear and have experienced, it’s over all too soon. One day we will look fondly back on this stage and remember how cute their little baby butts were, not the poop stained clothing that always needs washing.

So here’s the story: I thought we were past the diaper blowout stage with my youngest because it hadn’t happened in so long! We started potty training and using pull-up style diapers a couple of weeks ago and aside from a few really wet morning diapers, its been going pretty good.  You see, she had colic as an infant and blowouts were a regular occurrence with her; I even experienced it during her newborn portrait session – sans diaper! (Yeah, snicker if you want! Laugh it up, funny guy!) Okay, it was pretty funny……

Anyways, out of the blue it happened again this morning and it was gross. Like really gross. Just be happy I won’t go into detail because I’m pretty sure some of you are already imagining the event with vivid minds.

It’s amazing how being a mom can make you rise to challenges that would have made you puke or get weak in the knees before kids.  We are fearless creatures with an amazing amount of patience when it comes to raising our little ones and I am convinced that we grow superpowers the moment we start growing a little one inside of us!

Here’s to all of the super moms out there.  Just know that the more you worry about being a good mom, the better a mom you are. Yup, you’re pretty darned amazing! Now, pardon me, I’ve got to go do some laundry. 😉


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