And The World Didn’t Fall Apart

I was bedridden on Saturday, laid up in tons of pain, unable to move from the crippling pain I felt in my neck. I had somehow re-activated an old whiplash injury by sleeping – Who knew that sleeping could be so dangerous?

There have been many times where people say things like, “take care of yourself first” or “this is your body’s way of saying it needs a break” but clearly moms like us never listen to these gems of wisdom because we just have way too much to do!

The weight of the world rests on our shoulders and we are the unspoken defenders of the universe who keep everything in order. As moms, it is ingrained in our DNA to protect our family, feed them, clothe them, watch out for them when they can’t/won’t and generally direct the traffic of our lives. WE are the traffic control signal that keeps order in our little town so without us, it’s just natural to believe that all chaos would ensue.

But it didn’t.

As I found myself unable to move, the world picked up where I left off. My husband played referee for the day, my kids came into the bedroom periodically to give me hugs and update me on their day and my husband brought me food.

It was the mini vacation I always dreamed of but I could hardly enjoy it because of the blinding pain.

I learned that although we can make a million reasons as to why we can’t or shouldn’t take care of ourselves, we really have no valid excuse as to why we don’t. Fear is a crazy thing that grips all of us, paralyzes us in our tracks and keeps us from taking any time for ourselves. Very few of us have actually mastered the art of self-care; you are a rare breed. I am part of the rest of us who need a little more work in perfecting that skill.


For some of us, it’s not the fear of thinking the world will implode without our direction, for some of us, it’s the fear that taking care of yourself will be seen as selfish. Let me tell you, it’s okay to be selfish sometimes as long as that act is what keeps you in the game.

For some of us, we are just too busy and we forget to take care of ourself until it’s too late in the evening and our energy is completely zapped. This is common for Type A personalities…. I fall into this category.  Even while I was laid up, I was watching webinars to better myself in the business arena. Because vacations are for wimps (just kidding – I know better now).

You can’t do your job well (or at all) if you don’t take care of yourself first.

My blog series this month is going to focus on taking care of yourself, your husband and your family. Stay tuned for the next installment and please share if you feel it can help someone you know. This may be a blog, but it is also a community for moms just like you to relate and find reprieve. We can do this together!



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