Why Are Essential Oils So Expensive?

They’re really not. Hang with me a moment while I explain…..

I know what its like to struggle financially, that’s why I wrote a book about how to shop for a family of four on a budget of $50/week. I’ve been there and periodically I find myself back in the struggle boat. It’s something my family knows very well. We also know how to “game the system” to save money. Do I have your attention now?

So, why don’t I think a small bottle of oil that costs $25+ is expensive? Because that little bottle has 85-250 uses inside of it. That little bottle has helped my family heal our immune systems to the point that we don’t live in the waiting room of the doctor’s office anymore. We haven’t had to pick up a prescription for ANYTHING in over a year. We sleep well, breathe well and feel emotionally well. That alone is worth more than it’s weight in gold to me.


So, if a $25 investment into my family’s health will save me missed time off work, a doctor’s co-pay and the cost of a prescription even for one illness, I’ll do it. Wouldn’t you?

There are plenty of oils that cost less than the one I mentioned and each one is like a Swiss Army Knife, they cover many different uses. If you’d like to learn more, follow me here by subscribing to my blog or request to join my Facebook Group where I offer regular educational classes for those interested in wellness. We’d love to have you 🙂

If you’d like to purchase your wholesale membership with Young Living, use this link. A Premium Starter Kit includes Young Living’s most popular collection of oils, “The Everyday Collection” plus a bottle of Stress Away (Heaven in a bottle) and a diffuser as well as starting reference materials. Purchased separately, it would all be over $250. Huge savings! Of course, you can become a member without a kit for just $45.00 if you want, but the real bonus value is in the kit.


Members save 24% on their purchases. Prices reflected above are wholesale, not retail. It is possible to purchase without a membership, but who would want to pay MORE than they have to? When you live paycheck to paycheck, purchasing a wholesale membership is a no-brainer.

In addition, there’s this Essential Reward Program that offers freebies every month in addition to points that can be used like frequent flier miles. Also a smart move if you find yourself ordering every 4-6 weeks.


So let’s recap here… how do you “game the system” and save money on your YL purchases?

  • Purchase a wholesale membership.
    • membership will save you 24% on every purchase.
    • you don’t have to sell anything, I promise.
    • only need to make 1 purchase of $50/year to stay active
      • no penalties if you don’t
  • Essential Rewards Program
    • When you’ve decided you’re in love with the oils and you order regularly, this program may be for you.
    • Purchase at least 50PV per month to stay on the program
      • Reduced shipping costs
      • Earn 10-20% of your order PV back in points that can be used towards future purchases. (FREEBIES)
      • Get more FREEBIES every month when your order is at least 100PV, 190PV, 250PV or 300PV – great way to try new stuff!
      • Earn commission with at least 100PV/mo when your friends join! (Another great way to get your oils PAID for!)
    • Can skip 1 month a year and still stay active
    • No penalties for cancelling

What are you waiting for?


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