Stop Comparing Yourself

As a mama, it’s easy to compare yourself to the other moms in the pick up line at school. It’s easy to think the mom who wears designer clothes must have the easy life and she’s got it all together. It’s easy to think we are failing because we don’t stack up to the unreasonable expectation we have set for ourselves. Stop it! You ARE enough.

You were chosen for so many things in this life and whether or not you see it, you are amazing! You are beautiful, even if  you don’t look like the skinny model on whatever magazine you’re reading. You’re smart even if you don’t understand your son’s Common Core Math homework. You’re a raging success even if you burned dinner.

Look around you. Every single person in your life, every one of them, chooses to be there. They choose to love you. They choose YOU.

And to the ones who don’t choose you, well, they’re just stupid. We love you anyways 😉

#keepbeingamazing #beingamomisnteasy #yourebeautiful


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