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There are two types of people: “The Haves” and the “Have-Nots.” I’ve spent extensive time in the latter category. While I am reminded that others have less, I can guarantee you most people have not been forced to make $50/week feed a family of 4 over any extended period of time; I have.

This book outlines the easy steps I took to minimize my grocery bill while still eating somewhat healthy.  We are not huge fans of processed foods in this house, however we do use a bit because there’s just no way around it in this type of budget.  The reality is that processed foods are cheaper than whole foods, but I try to keep the diet as whole as possible in these meal plans.

Update on the book:

I have taken the book off of Amazon and am making it available here, exclusively, for FREE! Keep your eyes peeled or subscribe to find out when it is re-released as I am currently reworking the book to add more recipes, money-saving tips and meal plans!

This book includes:

  • Strategy for keeping it cheap
  • Free printables and templates
  • Meal plan for 1 week (more being added)
  • Recipes for each meal included in the plan

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